Whether your business needs a neutral, objective review of your strategic business plans, or market research for entry into a new market, Geo-Strategic Advisors prides itself on providing  personalized services in a discreet, timely manner with highly competitive rates.

Our consulting practice can facilitate tough management decisions or help you implement new business development initiatives in unfamiliar markets.  Our tailored and objective advice, research and analysis will highlight all the strategic opportunities and critical risks ahead.

Management Consulting 

As business leaders focus on managing operations, we work closely with your board, senior management and staff to assess, develop and implement a broad range of strategic management plans and strategies to expand your business into developing countries.  That may include an organizational change management project, assessing new business development initiatives, or advising on the right local partnership. For all those scenarios, Geo-Strategic Advisors serves as a reliable, objective corporate resource. 

New Business Development

If your company seeks product expansion or capital investments, there are ample opportunities in the developing economies of the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.  We help your team identify and build relationships with strategic partners or new customers.  We identify and assess investment opportunities, advise on the best go-to-market strategies, and support successful implementation to achieve your growth objectives.

We also provide Market Entry analyses to highlight key decision factors such as market competition, barriers to entry, regulatory framework and site acquisition or other logistical procedures. 

Our go-to-market strategies and research reports are typically invaluable tools in the hands of start-ups or multi-nationals preparing to launch new products or enter new markets.  Other GSA services often attached to market entry reports include country risk assessments for those more volatile markets.   

Market Research & Risk Advisory

Some emerging or frontier markets may be less sensitive to global economic trends, but instead can be more sensitive to internal or regional political crises. For example, the "Arab Spring" of 2011 seemed to catch many business leaders by surprise, reminding large corporations and SME's alike of the value that political, economic and operational risk advisory services can bring to senior management, strategic planners and financial advisors.  When looking at the strong growth potential of emerging markets, particularly for high risk/high return portfolios, companies must seriously consider the unique and unexpected challenges confronting the foreign corporation or investor.

Our bespoke market research and risk advisory services help businesses consider these risks and challenges before it's too late.  We routinely take a holistic approach to risk assessment, addressing factors such as geopolitical stability, poor or inconsistent regulation, financial liquidity shortages, substandard market data and financial reporting, currency fluctuations, capital transfer obstacles, property rights, judicial processes and FCPA compliance concerns.  

Our expert consultants intuitively address and account for key cultural differences, including differing norms in the speed-of-business and infrastructure challenges, for example.  We help companies understand and mitigate these risks in order to manage expectations on the ground and in the board room. That is why our risk assessments detail and analyze a comprehensive range of economic, financial, geopolitical, operational and security risks involved in your next business decision.

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