About Us

Geo-Strategic Advisors (GSA) is a management consulting firm that helps customers from a wide range of industries navigate emerging markets in developing countries.  We deliver experienced management consulting services, bespoke market research and surgical business development strategies using a strong network of seasoned professional consultants, partner firms, academics specialists and government experts.

Consider GSA a strategic corporate resource to assist your business in wading through the often perilous risks associated with the economic, political, social and cultural geography of a new foreign market.  

Our products and services are scalable, from technology start-ups to middle market investors or multi-national corporations. Regardless of your organization's size or budget, GSA provides the same high level attention, respect, confidentiality and reliable service to all our clients. 

Contact us today and let GSA deliver the right strategy for your next international move.  Your success is our bottom line.

CLIENT INDUSTRIES--Our satisfied clients operate in diverse industries, including:    


- Oil/Gas and Water Flow Control products and field services

- Electronic Security, Fire Control and Industrial Safety products and solutions, including video monitoring and management, access control, fire suppression and building information management systems

- Smart City solutions, including integrated security operations centers and data centers

- ICT and Telecommunications technologies and equipment

- Drone-based inspections and surveillance of industrial and critical infrastructure assets


- Private Equity investment research & advisory

- Due Diligence, KYC, AML, employee screening and other private investigations


- Metals Supply, Trading & Recycling of ferrous, non-ferrous, high temperature and minor metals 

- Industrial Mining investment, development and project management

- Cotton Supply and Trading 

Office Locations


Geo-Strategic Advisors LLC
415 Madison Avenue, 14th Floor 

New York, NY 10017

United States of America

Tel:  (+1) 646.673.8444

Email: info@geo-strat.com 


Geo-Strategic Advisors
Singha Complex, 30th Floor
1788 New Petchaburi Road
Bangkok 10310 Thailand
Tel: (+66) (0) 2.088.3553